Hey there Delilah…

The first time I heard this song, I think I had literally just gotten back from Spain/Ireland/France. It played on the radio as I was riding home from the air port. The minute I heard it, it was instant love. The way that Plain White T’s front man Tom Higgenson confessed to Delilah “Oh it’s what you do to me.” my heart stopped for a brief second. I wanted my name to be Delilah so that one day some man could sing this song to me. That was August when I first heard it. It stayed with me, playing nonstop in my headphones and speakers, all the way through October. “Hey there Delilah. What’s it like in New York city?” suddenly became “Hey there Melinda. What’s it like near Kansas city?” just for a change of pace. I would visit my friend Melinda –who lived three dorms down from me– at her job as a front desk person in our dorm. She was usually stuck with the grave yard shift, and I never slept much, so I would go down to the front desk and sing her the new words I had come up with. By early November though, Tom had out sung himself, and Delilah just needed to give it a rest. One person can really only hear one song so many times before it just gets old.

That was three years ago when I first heard that song. Now it’ll sneak out from the shuffel on my iPod and Tom will sing to me yet again, and I will pretend only in my head that my name is Delilah. And while the words sing on “… a thousand miles seems pretty far, but they’ve got planes and trains and cars…” I close my eyes and think back to the fall when this song was all I needed. It still feels like there’s a cute, tall boy who lives at the end of the hall, and I can still smell the musy funk of my dorm room, and I smile. So, thanks Delilah and Plain White T’s, it was a great fall.


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