The Time Travelers Wife

I saw the move the night it came out. It was the first midnight showing of any movie I had ever been too. I felt like I was in the eighth grade being allowed to stay up past my bed time to see the first showing of a movie. Instead I was 20, and had class the next morning. I dragged my friend Barrtt along with me. I had been waiting os long for this movie to come out, and finally here it was. I nestled into my seat with my kiddy combo in hand. A tiny popcorn, a tiny soda, and a gummy fruit snack. I’ll be damned if I’m paying $8 for a thing of popcorn. However, I do believe popcorn inhances a good movie, so I settle with the kiddy combo. Looking ahead at the big screen in front of me, I’m exciting. Going to the movies always does this to me, fills me with this hope that there are still good movies to be made. But let’s see what Hollywood had put out this time. A remake of something? Is it going to suck? I wont ruin what happens at the end of the movie. But sitting there, watching it, I think I spent more time trying to figure out what year or time the character of Henry (Eric Bana) was in. Is this present time or is it like three years ago? By the end of the movie though, I realized it didn’t matter what time Henry was in. The story was still good. Full of strong characters and an even stronger story line, it was great. Even though I felt there was something missing. So I picked up the book, hoping it could fill in these holes.

I used to be able to spend endless days reading almost anything I could get my hands on. These days though, it seems I’m so busy that I just don’t make time to read. But this book made me realize maybe I had stopped reading because I hadn’t ready anything good in awhile. This was book was hands down one of the better things I’ve read in awhile. It actually required though, and trying to process where everything fits. Don’t get me wrong, I love an easy page turner. But this book just made me want to lay in bed for hours reading it. I was living their story with the characters. I felt like I was in the chilly city of Chicago with Henry, taking a jog down Michigan Ave in the middle of November. I felt like I was living it, while watching it all happen.

Over all both the book and the movie were great. But given choice, go for the book. It definitely helped to fill in the few holes left by the movie.


One thought on “The Time Travelers Wife

  1. I’ve seen the movie too. But you’re right, there are too many loop holes in the movie and I can’t figure it out either. Thanks about the suggestion about reading the book. Just a trivia, the actor, Eric Bana played “Henry” twice already. One from this movie and the other from “The Other Boleyn Girl” with Natalie Portman. He played the role of King Henry. 🙂

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