Letter’s from back when

A few years back when I was visiting Ireland for nine days, I frequented this pub and became a regular for my time there. I even made a friend. Go figure. I wrote this letter to him about a week after I got back to the states, knowing he would never read it, but all the same I had something to say. I just ran across it now, sifting through the word documents on my external hard drive.

Dear Dara,

            It was eight days ago that I saw you last. You said you would come the next day but you didn’t and I had thought it was because of something I had done when in all reality my drunken mishap never made it to you… which now I guess, am thankful for. For the first time in a long time, the reason you never came, had absolutely nothing to do with me, okay, maybe just a little. I think it might had been you though. It was shown when she would show up, she was all over you. Dara, no one is that touchy, no one. She was paranoid that I would steal you away. Maybe, had I been a bit more permanent to Ireland, I would be paranoid too, but I wasn’t permanent, I was just there for a good time. You changed me somehow though, I’m still not sure how though, which is scaring the bloody hell out of me. I don’t know, I don’t know. Part of me feels like maybe I should know, but I don’t. I wonder if I have crossed your mind in those days past since I last saw you. Maybe I meandered through your mind my last day in Ireland, when you knew I would be at your pub. Quite interesting isn’t it? Maybe the day I left. Maybe none at all. Just the same, I knew when your email came back that never again would we cross paths and if we did it would be nothing more than a freak coincidence. Is it normal like this? To meet amazing people and then leave them behind us, without a chance to be with us as we meet other people who change our lives. Maybe they’re just meant to be with us mentally. Well Dara let me tell you this. Whether or not we ever talk again in years to come, this isn’t how I go. It is time to carry on, just as I have been doing the last week or so, as I am sure you have as well. Goodbye my bar tending friend.



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