Halloween. Seriously?!?!

So last night I was sitting home alone in my apartment, which is exactly the way I like it sometimes. But not last night, last night I realized I have been sitting at home a little too often. After checking my facebook I saw an open invite from a friend asking everyone to come downtown. It didn’t take me ten minutes to get ready and I was there. I had decided to break in my amazing new shoes which I will be wearing next weekend at a wedding. These shoes are the kind of shoes that demand a certain amount of respect of attention. At 4.5 inches high, and covered in black sequins, they are my current new loves. Well arriving downtown I was relieved to know that I COULD walk in them. Having parked three blocks from the bar, I walked to meet my friends who at the time were on the way out. I was shocked that at nine o’clock downtown was practically empty. So my friend Kyle somehow convinced my other friend Amy that we should all go to one more bar. Well Amy had a headache and just wanted the two of them to go home. Kyle and Amy had been together for as long as I’ve known both of them. Well at the next bar, suddenly everyone is drinking, socializing and having a good time. Well fast forward $15 and two hours later and both parties are at different bars and I’m walking back and forth from one to the next. And at this point I am understanding that my shoes are hot but I hate them ever so much. My feet are on fire and it hurts just as much to walk with shoes as it does without. Also at this point everyone is out and downtown dressed in their Halloween best. Which I didn’t understand since tonight is Halloween. I think it was at 1:30 that I finally sat down with a slice of pizza and a glass of wine talking to some guy, trying to figure out if he was gay or straight. In my head all I was thinking was “Can’t someone just take me back to my car. Please?” Well I finally got Kyle and Amy in the same place and alas I could go back to my car. I don’t think I had every been so happy about the idea of going home. After waking up this morning, I lay in bed flexing my feet trying to figure out if they’re still going to hurt when I get out of bed. I skipped running yesterday and really couldn’t afford to today. Standing up my feet are fine, and all is well. And I made it home last night.

Happy Halloween everybody.


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