Making my way back home

Last weekend I flew home for a wedding. And by home I mean Missouri, a little over 1100 miles from where I’m sitting right now. I have always prided myself on being the easy traveler. A plane ride there to here? No big deal. Just let me grab a bag real quick. Well I might have proven myself wrong. I got back to North Carolina Sunday night and it honestly took me until today to feel 95% back to normal. I was honestly exhausted and wanted to do nothing but sleep. Now, it’s mostly the rain that makes me want to curl into my bed.

On another note though. Going home was so much fun. Our whole family made a point of getting together and everyone was glad to see each otherĀ and no one complained about all the distances we had to take to get to see IMG_0011.JPG1each other. We were just glad to be there. The wedding was in a small church in the country and it was a very short ceremony. My cousin Amanda looked beautiful. The reception as well was amazing. I believe there was supposed to be around 500 people there. My friend Zach showed up to be my date, and I hadn’t seen him since high school so its needless to say that he and I had an amazing time catching up. We danced a bit as well. All in all it was an amazing time for everyone and I’m so glad it happened.


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