Baby it’s cold outside?

I was laying in bed the other day, I had just woken up, I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet. Some noise coming from outside my window. Something was going on outside. As I laid there listening, I wondered if it had snowed and school was canceled. The noise outside was snow/ice being scraped from the sidewalk. I smiled. Then opened my eyes only to remember that I live in south eastern North Carolina (not my former Missouri) and that it doesn’t snow enough here to need to scrape it from the sidewalks.
Just the same though. Remembering it was nice.


2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside?

  1. Well, here in the Kansas City, MO area anyway, we are experiencing the sounds of snow removal. While not always my favorite chore, I do rather enjoy the brisk and seemingly clean crisp air that seems to be delivered in with the snow. Thank you for your blog post on the subject, helps some of us to look at things in a more positive light, instead of a more dreadful chore.

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