Showing my age…

I hate to show my age. That is unless I’m being I.D.ed to get into a club… Then I’m more than happy to show my age. Right now however I usually hate to make myself look like a certain age. But here goes… Today is my last day of class, pretty much in general… I’m pretty sure. I was literally up all night trying to finish these stupid paper for these classes that I honest to God thought would never end. So I show up for my least favorite class this morning. Intro to Literature. Don’t get my wrong, I love literature but the teacher makes me want to shove my head into a brick wall. I kid you not this is one of the more disorganized teachers I’ve ever had in my fifteen years of being a student, she is honestly the worst teacher I’ve ever had. To her credit I think she enjoys teaching this class, but I don’t know if she always knows what she’s teaching. There’s a guy in my class who is not the brightest light bulb in the tanning bed. Well… he trys hard to understand what we’re doing. And sometimes he’ll over shoot just a little bit. Well one day he asked about dynamic pentameter poetry and she couldn’t answer his question. She simply said “Oh well, don’t worry about that, we’re not covering that this semester” As much as that guy drives me crazy, he did ask a valid question. I could not believe she would not answer his question. Okay I need to finish making notes for math, and I’m certain none of this makes sense. But just the same… I didn’t sleep last night. Peace!


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