Hey there Melinda…

Since the beginning of my college career, I have been to three different schools. Don’t get me wrong it’s never really bothered me too much, except that I knew I would never have the stereotypical college experience that so many people love. I’m ok with that, most of the time. I mean even in high school I never had that one clique of friends. I always had a few friends here and there but never in one big group.

This last week I went to go visit my friend Melinda in St. Louis. I stayed at her house, and we spent most of the days Christmas shopping, trying to get things crossed off a list. As I stated in a previous post, Melinda had lived down the hall from me in the fall of 2007, in our dorm building. Even with me in North Carolina, we still remain in constant contact with each other. It was Thursday night though… and I would be driving back to Marshall that next day. Melinda and I had made plans to go out to eat, go ice skating, and then go dancing. It wasn’t just Melinda and I though. It was Melinda’s boyfriend Dillon– they met when he lived down the hall from me and her–, and Melinda’s friend/roommate Alessa– who I also knew, because her and Melinda were roommate when we all lived down the hall from each other. The ice skating went as well as anyone could expect it to. I mean I have no balance, and neither did Alessa but we all managed to get out on the ice and have an overall good time. The dancing was fun as well. It was some country club, where everyone seemed to have a line dance for every song, which was a little scary, but fun at the same time.

Fast forward to the end of the evening, it’s me, Melinda, Alessa, and Dillon in the car, and we’re taking Alessa home. I suddenly realize this is my college experience. This is a group of friends that I have, and will always have, that have known me for a long time. These days it’s really not so much where I’ve met my friends, but how long I’ve known them. I cherish any friend I have, but it seems the longer I’ve had a certain friend, the more thankful I am for them.


2 thoughts on “Hey there Melinda…

  1. I kind of had a similar college experience, even though I didn’t switch schools. It was just that the place I went to college was so big that it was difficult to meet lots and lots of people and have connections with them. I ended up graduating with three really close friends and my boyfriend. And that’s been a-ok with me 😉

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