I’ll (okay, I am) be home for Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. There’s still Christmas gatherings. But the day in and of it’s self is pretty much over. My brother and Lara were stuck on the west coast this year, unable to make it home. Chloe promised that she would have them on skype at 9 am our time to open presents. When it comes to Christmas morning though, I’m like a little kid. I could up at 6 am, ready to open presents. Unfortunately, no one else and my family feels this way. Well like I said. My sister had promised my brother we wouldn’t open presents until 9 am, so he could wake up at 7 am western time and watch us on Skype. As much as I didn’t want to wait for everyone to wake up, it wasn’t so bad. It was also nice to have my brother “there”.

Earlier this afternoon, after I had opened all my presents I sorted them out and realized just how “grown up” all my gift were. I’m not complaining because I really did get some nice gifts but I just realized how most of them were useful, as apposed to fun. No biggie though.


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