Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

Would any of us really like to forget about our acquaintances? The people that have come into our lives, and while they might not yet be in the friend zone, they are definatly on their way. Well the song “auld lang syne” goes on to say “… and never brought to mind.” maybe thats referring to our stupidities, and a hope that they will be forgotten in the following year.

It’s already the new year on the East Coast. If I were in Wilmington I’d be celebrating a new decade. But I’m not on the east coast, I’m in the midwest. I’m surrounded by family and friends, and be-it some of them are slightly crazy, but I love them just the same. They know me in some ways that I will never even know myself.

It’s time for a new decade, time for things to chance, a chance for hope a way to start over new… yet again. So here’s to the new years. May everyone get everything they wish for in their lives and may we always have more than we could ask for. God bless everyone. Have a safe, happy, and healthy new years.

In days of Auld Lang Syne


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