Across the Universe.

I grew up listening to The Beatles. And I don’t mean that I watched their live performance on the Ed Sullivan show. No, I wasn’t even a tickel in someone’s pants at that point. But I do remember the first time I saw the recorded Ed Sullivan show that had been released on DVD. My Uncle John popped the DVD into the DVD player and I watched it with amazment. I was in the eighth grade and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sure it was history, but I finally understood why it was so amazing. Even now I can’t explain what it was about it, but I just got it. From then on I was hooked. I loved me some Beatles.

I couldn’t believe when I heard about the movie they were going to make. A musical with The Beatles music. Of course they weren’t going to be singing, not with Paul and Ringo being the only one’s left. A whole new cast would come in and sing their songs. Oprah raved about it. I was slightly offended. What right did these people have to sing these songs. I mean for God’s sake. These are The fucking Beatles.

Just the same though, I had to see it. I missed my chance when it was in theatres, and couldn’t wait for it to come out on video. I had just moved to Wilmington, and I was dating some guy… We’ll call him Jason. He was okay for the time being, nothing that would last too long. I would go on and on and on about how I could NOT wait to see the movie. Well we had a dissagrement and I had a Saturday to myself so I went out and rented Across the Universe. I watched as the colorful scenes played out infront of me . Most of the songs I knew and could sing along. But they were different.

“Hey Jude” in my mind had always been John Lennon singing to his son Julian. That’s always how I’d heard it. But the movie changed that, with all of the songs really. It put the songs in a way of dialouge, in expression. Like when Jude walks into where Lucy is working and says “So you say you want a revolution!?!” I love it.

Jason came back over on Monday and was frusterated to see that I had rented Across the Universe. Turns out he had baught it for me. When it all ended, that was the only non desposible thing he ever baught me. And as much as I hate it, he crosses my mind every time I put the DVD into the player.

“Nothing’s going to change my world”



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