Thanks to a man named Chuck Taylor

It seems like almost everyone has at least one pair of Chuck Taylors. Also known as Converse tennis shoes. Me personally, I have three, theres my black pair (which are in desperate need of replacement), my white pair with pink accents, and my grey pair. I wear them to match different clothes, and they can be worn with literally almost anything. Call me brave but if I found the right color I could probably even pull it off with the right dress. It’s funny because I even consider them a conversation piece. Several summers ago, I was traipsing through my back yard with my mother, and a handful of her friends, we were hunting bull frogs.  I’ll be honest some alcohol might have been involved in the hunting of the frogs. But just the same I threw on my chuck’s and ran out the door to follow everyone else. We were all walking down a hill when my mothers friend– who at the time was in visiting from Korea– looked down at my shoes “Oh I see you’re wearing Convers’. Those are such great shoes. Back when I was in high school that was all we had to play basketball in.” I laughed. I honestly don’t think it had been all that long since she was probably in high school but I knew better than to ask.

Over Thanksgiving I went to visit my “step dad”‘s family to spend the holiday with them (along with my mother as well). I believe it was when we were down by the river watching some barge hauling coal or something of the sort. Mom was incessantly snapping photos to show at her job. When my “step father”‘s father walked over to me where I was watching the slight commotion. “I see you’re wearing Chucks” I nodded “Yeah these are my favorite. And they’re pretty comfy too” he smiled back at me “You know, I used to have a pair just like those. They were black. But now you know there’s so many other colors to choose from” I did know. When I bought my second pair it took atleast twenty minutes trying to choose between the colors.

I was curious as to why they were called Chuck Taylor’s though. I did a little research on the internet. It seems a basket ball player named Chuck Taylor took the once not so popular converse tennis shoe (produced in 1917) and made them his shoe of choice.  He became the shoes leading salesman. There were some slight alterations that were made by Chuck with the shoe, but all in all the shoe has pretty much stayed the same through the years.

Not only do I consider Chuck Taylor’s a great conversation piece, but a great shoe as well. Everyone has something to say about their first pair of Chuck Taylor’s converse tennis shoe.


One thought on “Thanks to a man named Chuck Taylor

  1. very true. i bought my first one when i was already in college because a pair is difficult to get by in my hometown.

    every pair of converse has a story.

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