Thoughts on a bad situation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Haiti was hit with a catastrophic earth quake. Not to mention the aftershocks that happened to that poor country. It’s all over the news, everywhere, it’s hard not to turn on the news and not see it. So much has been flattened, so many people have died, and still so many people lay buried alive, waiting to be found.

I see pictures of people with bandages around their heads. A young girl was ecstatic to have her foot cut off, just being glad to have made it out of the earth quake.  Yet here I am, sitting on my couch, just back from the gym, and freshly bathed. It usually doesn’t take much for me to realize just how lucky I am day in and day out, but it is things like this tragedy that make me that much more thankful for everything that I have.

I remember when Katrina happened; I was living in Mexico at the time. My host mother told that an American event had never been so televised in their country. Just as it was here, it was all over the news there. Countries sent money; people opened their homes to newly homeless victims. Our country pulled together to help one another.

The same happened after September 11th. I cannot remember who said it but someone stated “Never has there been such a strong sense of nationalism. Everyone has pulled together, to support each other.” Differences didn’t matter.

And now. Tonight. There’s a telethon being hosted to raise money to help rebuild Haiti. 100’s of celebrities have donated their time to answer calls from people willing to make donations. Seeing pictures, hearing phone calls, and watching performers just makes me realize what a great country we come from. Where not only do we support each other in a time of need, but we support others who don’t have what so many of us are so lucky to have.

God Bless America.


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