All you need is love

The Beatles once taught us that all you need is love. Is that true? Can we survive as human beings with only love? I’ve put some thought into it. And I’d have to say, I think so. While wondering this question I took a look around me at everything I have: my two closets full of clothes, shoes, accessories, my book shelves crammed with notebooks, books, little odd and ins, my drawers spilling over with paper, pens and note cards, the ipod player, the computer, the tv, the shower, the matching scents of my soap and lotion, the perfumes, the makeup, the eye wear, the dishes, the food. Take most of it away and could I still be happy. Yes. And maybe even more so than I am with everything I do have. People always say less is more, and that’s so true.

Some summers ago I spent some time in Europe. I naturally over packed for my two and a half months that I would be spending in Spain. I’d left two weeks open at the end to do with that I wished. Maybe I’d see more of Spain, or more of Europe. I’d decided France and Ireland would be my destinations. I spent six days in Paris, France and nine days in Dublin, Ireland with less than half of what I had originally brought with me to Spain. The company who was sponsoring me agreed to let me keep the rest of my luggage in their offices while I was gone.

For fifteen days the only things I had with me was an Adidas duffel bag, and my Nike backpack, along with a pillow. Each bag was stuffed to the brim and total weighed probably around fifty pounds. I’d packed five days worth of shirts, a dress, two pairs of jeans, two or three pairs of shoes, a sweatshirt, underwear, my French/engligh dictionary, my glasses, and make up. Everything else stayed in Spain. One of my contacts ripped two days into the trip and I was angry at myself for having not thought to bring extra contacts. So for the rest of my trip I was either wearing my glasses or going with blurry vision.

My grandparents were coincidentally in Paris the last day I was. We met up and spent the day together. I was so thankful for them being there, not only to catch up with my family, but I needed to unload my pack. I passed on souvenirs I had picked up, books, and a few other items that were no longer of need. They had room to take it back to the states for me.

When I think back on my summer in Europe the main part I remember is my time in Ireland and France. And I never think about how many things I didn’t have with me at the time—I didn’t even have a curling iron/straightener eek—but I remember how much fun I had. I remember how great it felt to be able to live off of so little. And to have the clothes on my back, and the love of all of the people I met

These days though, that’s hardly the case. There are attachments to my blow dryer, eye concealer for when I don’t sleep, face lotion, shoes that only go with certain things, the right jewelry for the right shirt, the right sized curling iron (I have three), so much. Part of me misses how it was in Europe. I’ve been attempting to downsize lately, little by little, getting rid of things here and there, things I don’t need.

Because at the end of the day all we need is love.


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