The Secret….

Okay so in the last few years I have watched my mother make this drastic change. I don’t know if she realizes the change, or not so much.

Growing up, whether my mother was married to my father, old what’s his face, or just dating some other guy, steak was always a great dinner. In some variation or another we’d all (my brother, sister, mom, some guy… or no guy, and I) sit down at the kitchen table with out steak with a various seasoning and a baked potato. Conversation would be had. And somewhere in the meal someone would comment on how great the steak was and assuring everyone had their steak just how they liked it. I’m a medium rare kinda gal. This is the kind of thing I grew up with, steak on the grill over the summer, broiled in the winter. I was always used to it. Always.

I think it was three years ago that my mom started dating her current Beau, and I could tell he was a very health conscious type of guy. I didn’t let it bother me though, because he seemed pretty cool. And my mother was and still is a strong woman, I didn’t think she’d fold under his wheat grass eating ways. I was wrong.

A summer or two ago, I was talking with my mother. I told her we should heave steak sometime when I was home. She said something to the effect of “I don’t really eat red meat alot anymore.” Excuse me? Was the only thing I could think to say. “Yeah we mostly eat chicken now.” Oh god, I’ve lost her. She’s gone over to the wheat grass eating side. “You’re kidding me right?” okay so I wasn’t being all that supportive. “I just feel like it’s being healthier. I really like salads.  And its smarter.” Then she went on about something about medication or something to that effect. All I said was “But we’re carnivorous!” okay and that might have been a little hasty on my part, I admit.

Now she jokes about the last time she ate bacon “I had bacon for breakfast,” and we both laugh. It’s okay though. My mother is healthy and I think that’s great.

Okay but back on track. My mother has always been very level headed and usually takes time to think about things before just doing them (unlike my compulsive self). I was complaining to her recently on the phone how nothing in life seemed to be going how I had wanted, and all my stress and fears about college. yada yada. And she said something along the lines of “You’re just so negative. I don’t know if I can talk to you like this” she’d said similar things in the past and I’d called her out for sounding like a hippy. This was the huge change in my mother.

“List, I don’t mean to sound all ‘hippy dippy’ but you should really check out this book called The Secret.”

“How much is it?” I asked

“Eh, around ten dollars or so.”

“No, that’s okay I’ll check it out or something.”

“I’ll buy you the audio book if you promise to listen to it.”

I promised I’d listen. so she gave me a gift card to get it off itunes. I still havent listened to the whole thing, and I hate to sound like a freakin hippy. But I love it. And being happy is sooo much easier than being pissed off all the time. The Secret pretty much states that you can have anything you want if you just think about it enough. The universe is controlled by our thoughts, yada yada. I like it. Even if it turns out to be total crap (i dont think it will be but i know some people are skeptics), I like the idea of knowing I can have anything I want. It’s almost like having child innocence again, like a time when we’re still convinced we can do anything we want. I love having that idea, that it’s all possible


One thought on “The Secret….

  1. I have heard a lot of good things about ‘The Secret’. I will check it out… maybe even buy it. Normally I am a positive thinking cat, but it has been hard the past few months to ‘believe’.

    Funny you finish comparing it to a ‘childlike’ perspective… I only have to go back to high school to think about when I was going to be ‘the champion of the known universe’, to get my positive mojo on.

    Thanks for making this post! Gotta get ‘The Secret’!

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