In my strange country…

I’ve been in my strange country for a few days. And each time I see someone I knew before, I am blown away. These are people I hadn’t even thought of seeing. Yet here they are in front of me. I went to a disco tonight, a disco I used to go to when I lived in the strange country, and all the people I had hoped to have seen were there. Even the people I couldn’t have imagined. At one point I found myself sandwiched between two boys from Korea dancing, and they hardly spoke any of the strange language. Gotta love the strange country.


2 thoughts on “In my strange country…

  1. I like the imagery of ‘the strange country’ and all the people that you have seen there. People that you would have never imagine (or is it that you have only imagined them)reappear in you life, to laugh and dance with.

    Cool entry.

  2. I happened to be doing some work-related research in Bing today and discovered your blog. I must admit that I have gotten a little sidetracked going through and looking at a few of your posts… I should probably be doing work. Wonderful stuff here and I will be back again in the future to check out more. Enjoy the week!

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