When the Strange country becomes even more strange…

When I first arrived in the my strange city, in this strange country, I couldn’t help but notice how different it looked. It was as though everything was more alive. Like before I had been seeing the city in 2D and suddenly it was 3D. Everything just had a little more pop to it. I had heard of slight danger that had recently sprung up near the strange city in my strange country, but I waved it off. Surely it was the news that was swelling things to be worse than what they were. Upon arrival at the city, I felt safe, older, and different but I knew I was safe. I never questioned that my strange city would not keep me safe. Until stories began to leak out from the locals. Rapings in bars, shootings, dead bodies being dropped in certain places. I was pained to realize my strange city was not only not safe, but it was even more strange than before. “It’s all related to the mafia” they said in confirming tones. It was as though they were too afraid to say it out loud. This strange country already had a tainted name, but now, things were worse. I became slightly afraid and avoided the streets at most costs. Sitting in the back seat of my host sisters car I watch as a truck of armed federales pass by and I can’t help but wonder what they’re looking for. My host sister tells me they are trying to find the mafia. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I imagine the mafia, I imagine Marlin Brando as Don Vito Corleone. I imagine an Italian family who watches out for one of their own, but isn’t afraid to cut off a weak link. I imagine images I’ve only seen in the God Father. Suddenly my curiosity is peaked. Is there a God Father in this strange country? If I asked him for a favor could he up grade my tickets back home to first class? I imagine a heavy set older gentlemen with a handle bar mustache, he probably sips tequila, and has dirty stained fingers, from a rough up bringing as a child. He might have six or seven children, five of them girls. A strong catholic background. They listen to mariachi music, and refuse to do business between the hours of 2 and 4 as those are lunch hours. These are just a few things I imagine a God Father in this strange country might be like. I leave all of this in my imagination as I take an early leave from my strange country. Safety is here, but it’s hardly guaranteed. One wrong step and my world might disappear. Or I’m over reacting. But that’s the thing in this strange country. I just have no idea how safe or unsafe I really am.


2 thoughts on “When the Strange country becomes even more strange…

  1. i really enjoyed reading this. the possible threats that your strange country have are no doubt real and need to be handled with precautions, but somehow you find a way to find humor. the idea of a godfather sipping tequila and taking a break from work from 2-4 is amusing. and to entertain the idea that he can upgrade your ticket to first class is fun. be strong in your strange country and return home safe.

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