Sick in a strange country…

I’m sick. My head hurts, slightly dizzy, my shoulders hurt, my throat hurts, and I’m just plain tired. And trust me. It has nothing to do with the food. No. My stomach is fine, except I’m just not hungry. My host mother is worried, I’m pretty sure my actual mother state side is worried. The last time I was sick like this it lasted for two weeks. Dear God, I pray like hell to not be sick when I go home next week. I mean my body just feels heavy and moving seems to take more effort that what its really worth. And on top of that I feel like my head isn’t really attached to my body, like its floating above me. So much for being sick in a strange country.


One thought on “Sick in a strange country…

  1. Hope that you are feeling better soon and that it isn’t anything more serious. I am sure that your Mom would be worried about you. Of course the host Mom doesn’t want you to be ill, if for no other reason, than as a Mother she could image how distressed your Mom may be. Take care of yourself.

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