In the strange country some time ago…

As the water washed over me, and held me in its grasp I knew the Universe was attempting to give me just what I’d been wishing for for the last two months, to stay in in my strange country. I lost the grip of shells that had been my hand and my hand slammed againt the bottom as did my body. Soon the rope that was connected to me like a dog leash to a collar spun me in it’s salty universe as an attempt to keep me as it’s own. I wasn’t ready to leave my strange country but I knew I had to, and this was no way to finish a year, not like this. God, this isn’t how I go. Was the only thing to pass through my head. Moments that seemed like hours passed and the salty universe became shallow, emersing  me back into my own element. My body was tossed over one last time, the rope letting me go, but leaving me clueless and fighting to breathe. I looked around me searching for something to cling to but there was nothing. Fear became the only emotion I could feel, the fear that the salt might chose to come and take me again, and a second time I couldn’t stand.


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