In my last moments…

Some point today I am going to go to another city, to go to the airport that will take me home. My flight is tomorrow morning, and I have no idea when we’re leaving my strange city today. I packed my bags this morning, shocked at the amount of space in my suitcase. I made the bed, swept the floor, and made sure it looked just as I’d left it. On my to my last trip into my strange city, I stopped by my host sisters room. She was sitting on her bed, and I went in and sat next to her. With her macbook pro in her lap I glanced over her shoulder to look at the current facebook page she was inspecting, it wasn’t hers. Out of no where she began to straighten her curly brown locks, claiming that I had to show her how to french braid, since it was my last day here. So I did. I knew the center or the city could wait a little bit. Then as I was combing out her hair, with Frank Sinatra blaring from her computer the clouds outside cracked with thunder and a flood of rain fell from the sky. My host sister told me it’s my fault that it rains, because it never rained too much before I came here. So I suddenly knew I was not really going into the city center before I left Mexico. And for me, that was okay. Walking around mindlessly I could do anywhere any day, but spending time with my host sister, well I knew that wouldn’t happen again for some time. I made her promise me she’d come visit before she turned 30, which meant she had six years to come visit me. It’s strange. The last time I left my strange city I was devastated, I couldn’t imagine a life without it. Now though, some years later, being back for the first time it’s weird. I’ve spent years missing it, wondering if possibly it had all been a dream but being here makes it impossible to miss, and it’s comforting to realize that my thoughts and memories were correct in the way this strange place had been recorded into my brain. The streets, and where each one connects, what store leads to which back alley way. It’s just nice to know that everything now is still just as it was then. But even now in leaving, I really don’t feel anything.


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