The Space Between

When I was down the street of my strange new city, I think I see someone I know, and then I realize that particular person is on the other side of the country. I start to call out to a friend only to remember that it’s not them, that they’re on the coast. So I shrug and continue to walk. The days aren’t so bad right now. Watch TV, go on to campus, the usual. The nights though, those are hard. The rest of the world is sleeping and there’s no where to go out and no one to see– not with in walking distance at least. It’s being stuck in the space in between. I mean I live here, but a life I had built is still partially somewhere else. And that’s hard. I know in the following weeks I’m begin building a new life here, but like everything, it will take time. It’s funny. On the coast. I had the kind of friends that people spend their whole lives wishing for, and I was established, people knew me. Here I’m a little more invisible, but due to being close to family I’m not completely invisible, which I’m thankful for. I find hope in remembering having gone through this exact same thing when I moved to the east coast, it was just so long ago. When really it wasn’t. And I’ll touch on the subject in another blog. But for now, here I am in my space between

“The space between the tears we cry and the laughter that keeps us coming back for more.”


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