Bros before hoes

Its so easy for people to laugh and admit easily that in any instance that comes through life, if it came down to it, they would pick their friends over a significant other. No questions asked. But is that just lip service? Friends are forever, and more often than not boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, changing as rapid as the seasons. But what happens when the friend chooses the boyfriend or the girlfriend over the friend? Once upon a time I had been burned a little by this exact event, and I couldn’t believe it. How could some friend that I’d known for years just drop me for a guy. I was beside myself at the notion of it. The guy I didn’t care about. But I was so shocked at how easily the friend didn’t think anything about brushing me aside. With that said, this is not a feel sorry for me blog, just kind of stating the state of how things are. At the time I had been sitting with a group of friends and told them of the current worry of losing a friend. There had been at least four people in the room, and everyone of them had a story to tell about how an old friend had given up a friend to be with the wrong person. And they agreed with me. It sucks.

With that said. I want to know. Have you ever been dumped by a friend in exchange  for the wrong person and a mediocre romance? I’d love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “Bros before hoes

  1. I have not had that experience nor do I know anyone who has went through that, save you. To that I will say once a person, particularly a young person, falls in love or think that they are feeling love for another, it kinds of warps their thinking. Everyone thinks that they are special, and by special I mean unique in the belief of finding what is right and the best for them. Sometimes, the friendship has hidden fractures which makes it vulnerable to being let go.

    Either way, I actually feel that it is the best for both parties as it allows for growth on the side of the dumpee and perhaps a learning experience for the dumper.

  2. i just experienced this today. i was really shocked and hurt. i didn’t really understand how this new significant other held so much power over her…this is a person i have been there for year after year. no matter what, if she needed me, i was there. my feelings are hurt and it saddens me that our friendship was disposable to her

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