Billy Shakespear….

I’ve been told that in renisaunce litterature poems would be written as a responce to different poems by different people. So as an english major heres my current thoughts…

Sir William                                                                                                                                    Could you please screw off                                                                                                          Doth words are aged and experation past                                                                            Hidden messages burried in the sand                                                                                        Well my knees hurt and I’m tired of digging. Can you just serve it to me in a bottle?     Simply say how you mean and stop exhausting me so.

Suicide between Romeo & Juliet                                                                                                     Incestual love driving Hamlet insane,                                                                                         And Macbeth… only not in a theatre house.

Such an idea puts me to sleep                                                                                                            When Ambien wont do, poetry ads weight to my eyes                                                                Mixed in with toungs that take long to read.

Sir you don’t seem to understand                                                                                                    I have three other classes, all of them reference you                                                                  So give it up old man, and simply leave me be,                                                                           Or may your ghost haunt a man of such, possibly a Spielberg, or a Daniel of Day Lewis      Show him a common way                                                                                                 May these men create a modern show or something of your work                                         I’m not meaning DiCaprio                                                                                                            That picture was a mess.

With all that said dear William                                                                                                          I shall sleep till morrow with assistance of some sorrow streaming from your pen           Just the same however,                                                                                                              Here’s a $20 for your silcence, to buy much back in your day,                                                  Take this bill, put down your pen                                                                                                   So lastly I may find rest.


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