25 things I’m thankful for in the year of 2010

1) Even though the Missouri weather has me going crazy I’m thankful for being geographically close to my family

2) Being able to look up at the sky and actually see the stars

3) The smile on my dog Isabelle’s face

4) Watching Kratos (yet another dog) dance for food

5) The people who have known me so long that they feel able to call me out on my bullshit (which I tend to get caught up in from time to time)

6) Conversations with my sister… and baby steps

7) The roof over my head, no matter where my head may actually be

8) That my mother gave me a journal before I knew how to write, and she told me to write

9) College professors who challenge me

10) Wine, beer, liquor, whatever it is to help me blow off the stress from the professors who challenge me

11) Classic Litterature

12) Bad dates and stupid boys… because they make the good ones all that much better

13) Spending the entire day of thanksgiving at my grammy and papa’s house, just hanging out with some family

14) The years before when I would spend my younger thanksgivings hanging out at my mema and papa’s house, making memories with family

15) The people in my freakishly small small town who are a constant sense of a support in any time of need.

16) Growing up in the same freakishly small town as my mother, and her father.

17) The fact that I am not only older, and slightly wiser than years before, but I’m also almost done with college

18) My friend Matt who I know is somewhere in South America right now, and well I’m just ready for him to be home because I miss him, and I miss our talks.

19) My friends and extended family who are not only all over the United States, but all over the world as well.

20) People who have taken their exits in my life only to come back later and re enter and stage right. There’s nothing better than seeing an old familiar face.

21) My ability to be honest.

22) The sound of my mother laughing at my sarcasm

23) Semi regular and short coversations I have with my brother in Texas, simply to stay in touch.

24) The people who challenge me.

25) And lastly, I am thankful for you. I love it when I see that people have read what I have to say, and even more I love hearing your thoughts on my thoughts.


One thought on “25 things I’m thankful for in the year of 2010

  1. This is a very cool entry. Makes me reflect on the things I am thankful for.

    For some reason, I thought you were in a more cosmopolitan place… maybe it is the blog name. Anywho, don’t knock being raised in a small town. In a ‘grass is always greener’, when Detroit was a big city for real, I wanted to live in a place like where I am now.

    Take care and be well.

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