The end of an Era… or decade. Whatever.

Ah, ten years since the 90’s. It seems weird to think that I was 12, ten years ago. I mean I very clearly remember being 12 years old. Ok. Past that though. Tonight I shall ring in the new year (2011) with family. A drink in hand of course. But it’s off to the lake house this afternoon to drink and be merry with friends.

I’ve been running lately, trying to jump on an early new years resolution. I would think that if I do it now, it can be habit by the time new year comes. Okay, well the habit part is taken care of. Now I need a new new years resolution. And it needs to be good, because this next year needs to kick ass.

So here it is.

I’m going to do whatever I want, and stop thinking about things so much. I’ve always had a habit of thinking if I do X and Y, I will get Z. And while I hate X and Y, Z will make me happy. More often than not though, I realize I’m miserable through X and Y, and I seldom ever get Z. So in the next year, I’m going to do what makes me happy, and have fun with it, and throw very little caution to the wind.


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