Too much.

Monday will be my last first day of class. Ever. That is assuming I never end up getting my masters degree (which I’m sure at some point I will). But just the same. I’m graduating in May. Take this moment and squeal with me. EEEEEEEAH!! So I’m going to graduate and go out into the big bad scary world. But well, that’s May. It’s still January (and frigidly cold). So I have to get through one thing at a time. I’m so excited for this semester though, not just because it’s my last. I’m excited about the classes I’m taking. I’m excited about how they’re set up (no classes Monday or Friday!). And here’s how I see this semester going. I’m going to do everything too much. I’m going to study too much, I’m going to drink too much, I’m going to stay out too much, I’m going to blog too much, I’m even going to have too much fun (like that’s possible). I’m going to have a bitchin’ good time this semester, and I’m going to get all A’s while doing it.


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