Just a little something…

I have a story. My mother has hinted several times that she wants to hear it. She doesn’t say it exactly like that “let me hear the story…” but when she makes certain comments, I can tell she wants me to write it all down. Hell. Once upon a time. I wanted to write it all down. I wanted to put into words every moment, ever kiss, ever tear, every drink, every life lesson, all of it. When it was all still fresh I couldn’t see telling one story without telling the funny moment that came right before it, leading up to it. It’s not just my mother who wants it told though; I think part of me still does. And I think the people involved would smile in a way of reliving it through my point of view.

Six years ago, I joined a group that I never could have realized would become as elite as it is. I became one of those kids who studies abroad. Not in college, no. Well I did that too. But firstly in high school. I filled out stacks of forms, visited doctors, got recommendations and was picked to go abroad. I was desperate to be picked so I told them I could go anywhere they wanted to send me (even though I requested Italy, Brail, or Belgium). I was sixteen when all of this was happening, in the middle of my sophomore year of high school. I hated high school and would have done anything to get out.

My whole family is from a small town places smack dab in the middle of Missouri. Other than Nelly, Mark Twain, and a few other celebrities, Missouri was hardly a place to be proud of, especially with it’s lack of famous history. Well at sixteen that was how I saw it. I lived in what you could call a small town. We had Wal-Mart, a few grocery stories, a movie store, a handful of fast food chains, and a movie theatres that would only house three movies at one time. I don’t know if you could call it quant. Not at sixteen. At sixteen it’s boredom.


One thought on “Just a little something…

  1. That is a great story and I would like to read it one day. One thing that I think all teens have in common is the feeling that there is a greater adventure beyond their communities. I felt that way about Detroit, always wanting to extend beyong my neighborhood city and eventually state. I have enjoyed my travels and I hope that you get and APPRECIATE the places you will go and see. Savor the unique experience of going abroad for school. It will always be something that you can say you did and no one can take it away from you.

    Hey, don’t underestimate St. Joesph and the Ozarks!

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