It’s so cold outside. And there’s still blankets of snow everywhere from last weeks storm that left us with 23 inches of snow. Yes, that’s right 23, not 2, not 3, not 2.3, but yes 23 inches of snow. And it’s snowed twice since then, each time leaving another half inch or so of freshly fallen snow. Now, I understand some people love snow. They think it’s so pretty and magical and amazing. All I have to say to that is bull shit. I hate snow. I hate that it’s cold. I hate the way it makes doing anything twice as more difficult. I hate that when I go out in it, I usually have to change my clothes from being outside simply because everything is wet from the snow. Having lived in North Carolina for two and a half years, as well as a year in Mexico during high school, I have come to dread the cold. I looked on my phone moments ago, excited that it has finally “warmed” up to 12 degrees here in good ol’ Missouri, then I flip through the pages on my iphone to see that it’s 46 degrees in Wilmington. Ugh. I remember when 46 degrees was cold. Hell. I’m even excited that most of the next week the low is only 30 which will seem like a heat wave to the weather we’ve been having lately.


One thought on “brrr

  1. Born and raised in Michigan and in having spent my first 17 years in Detriot, going to school in Carolina was a breeze in winter time. It felt like spring, though the rains in liew of snow did get to be a drag in Greenboro.

    Delta Girl, my college sweetie is from Southport and he Dad was some sort of administrator at UNC-Wilmington.

    When I moved last year to Va., I knew that it could get snow but it was literally the storm of the century, over six feet of snowfall for the season. That the solution for many in the area was to ‘let it melt’, was surprising. I realize that there is not the same kind of snow readiness there, but come on… SIX FEET OF SNOW was on the ground!! Some body needed to do something about that!!

    Yeah, stay in and do some yoga at home. Not the same as a class, maybe. But there is always a benefit in mind/body exercise.

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