2 more weeks…

August 08th, 2011

In a little under two week I’m moving to Austin. Woo hooo. I am actually really excited. And with my move to Austin, I’m also going to begin desperately looking for a job. I mean come on. A girls got to eat. Right? Right. But for right now and until my move, I have nothing to kill but time. Lots and lots of free time. Today most of said free time is being spent on one thing. My hair.

I’ve always wanted pink hair. So at new year I said screw it and took the leap. While yes it ended up being pink, it was really dark and not that noticeable, and even looked a little red which was not what I was going for. So last night at Wal-Mart, something caught my eye. A box of pink dye and the side of the box had the words “hair bleach included”. Perfect! Just what I need. So I picked up a box.

I wake up this morning and begin the process. The instructions said my hair should come out bright blond. Instead it was an orangish red. It also said I might have to bleach it more than once. So it’s back to Wal-Mart where I picked up a highlighting kit.  So for right now I’m waiting for the second set of highlights to set it before I paint myself pink.

Pictures to come… I promise.


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