Amarillo by morning…

August 17th, 2011

Just because I know something, doesn’t mean it has really sunk in with it’s meaning inside my head. I know that might not make sense… but let me try and explain myself. I know that I’m moving to Austin. And this last week people have been telling me goodbye, but even then it hasn’t really sunk in, until just now, that I’m really leaving. That I’m starting over yet again. My god. It has been so long since I’ve actually started over in a sense of the word. It was December 2007 that I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and didn’t know a single person in town, or even the state for that matter. Last year when I moved back to Missouri I wasn’t really starting over, because this is my home state, where people know me. So really it was more like falling into place with something.

Yet here I am, ready to take off tomorrow night enroute for Austin. I’ll drive all night, stay with my brother (in Austin) Friday night and then move into my new apartment Saturday morning. Saturday is the official move in day so I’m going to be meeting tons of new people. I hope at least. And I was informed that I could possibly be on my own Friday evening by way of entertainment. At first I was mildly put off that my brother wouldn’t cater to me and being new in town and such. But once I took a step back I came to realize how much it really didn’t bother me. I can hit some new bar and do what I always love to do best. Meet a stranger, and when they ask me my story, I smile and simply say “I’m new in town” not because it’s a line, but because it’s the truth. And after a week or so that quickly turns to “I just moved here” which doesn’t have the same quality as the idea of being “new”.

I was thinking about it though. It’s been awhile, since I’ve been at a bar, or anywhere for that matter, where I couldn’t look across the room and see a familiar face. If it wasn’t across the room it was at least down the street. And don’t get me wrong, I know I’ll have that in Austin soon enough. But it does take awhile.


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