And so it is…

August 3rd, 2011

I’m moving to Austin! And it took all of last week, but I’m finally out of my apartment. I hate packing boxes. I hate moving. I hate the idea of starting over. But the actual starting over? Well that part I love, very much so. Don’t ask me why. At the same time though I also love having a history, being able to say “oh yeah John, I’ve known him for ages…”

My apartment isn’t ready for move in until August 20th, so until then I’m staying at my parents house. And I’m not crazy about it. I mean it’s cool that I have a place to live. But my mother has turned my room into an “Asian” theme type thing, and it screams spare room way more than it will ever scream an actual bedroom. That and the AC hardly works on the third floor (where my room is located) at all. It’s okay  though. All of this is temporary. I just kinda wish I wasn’t so damn bored. I mean aside from looking for a job, I have nothing to do.

So I sift through my external hard drive, searching for pieces of somethings that I’d written once, only to store away for a different time. Right now I’m working on a screenplay that I’d walked away from a few years back. And we’ll just have to see how that goes.


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