Another year older…

August 25th, 2011

Okay so I’m not another year older YET. But tomorrow I shall be. Now what was I doing last year on my birthday when I left my wonderful year of 21 behind? I had come home from school just for the evening. It was a Wednesday. So how my birthday falls on a Friday this year, I’m not sure. But every Wednesday my uncle has cookouts at his pool and invites family and friends. So I went to that. I’d made peach salsa (omfg soo good) for everyone as my share of the potluck. And I was taking 4 litterature classes at the time and that night I was trying to shlup my way through the first 90 pages of the Odyssey (ok I didn’t get that done). My big birthday present from my mother had been my trip to Mexico that I’d taken earlier that summer. Just the same though, my mother always loves for me to have something to open on my birthday, even if its small. So sitting poolside, I was presented with an ice cream cake… and a bag with something in it. What could it be? I reached inside to pull something out… It was a gift that I could have had no idea to expect, but I loved just the same. It was William Sonoma’s 10 piece glass bowl set (|glass%2Bbowl|6|best|0|1|24||2&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-) My mother had heard me complain several times that I only had one mixing bowl. And now that seemed to no longer be a problem.

But that was last year… this is now. I’m the new girl in town, with a few more pounds than I’d wished to have on yet another birthday. But I’ll say what I always say. It will be different next year. I swear. I have no idea what to expect for this year. Honest. I mean each day here is a bigger surprise than the one before it. My brother always seems to call at just the right time with some idea of festivity that I should check out. Last night it was a party for fashion week that just so happened to be hosted infront of his place. Which was fun. Just the same though, my brother spent ten minutes telling me about it on the phone, but as apposed to calling it what it really was, he kept claiming that it was all for me, for my birthday. Just as it should be. Yet no one seemed to realize it’s my birthday. Just the same though…. I’m rocking out birthday celebrations starting yesterday.


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