As an adult

June 28th, 2011

I wish someone could have told me that being an adult would be this complicated. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s got it’s ups and its downs. The coed slumber parties are fun. But then he doesn’t call, or you find out he’s not just having slumber parties with you. And it’s not that I care, well not really. Okay maybe a little bit. And then there’s the job thing. What do you mean you want a cover letter with my resume? Should it be one paragraph or one page? Sigh…

I have no idea what’s going to happen in my future, or even what I’m going to do this fall. My sisters wedding is July 23rd (and me as a lovely lovely bridesmaid…), then I have to move out of my apartment the next week, then celebrate my mothers 50th birthday party in true drunken style that weekend, then the next week head up to Michigan for yet another wedding. So at what point am I supposed to find a job and an apartment and make all of these events happen without any gliches? I have no idea.

The last three months –aside from grandfather passing away, and me attempting to and totally graduating college– I’ve been focused on training for my first half marathon. Which painfully went down last weekend. So now I’m trying to stand true to what I’ve been telling myself. Once the half marathon is over I will focus on getting a job. I promise. This whole getting a job thing though is really exhausting. Filling out profile after profile to set up an account just to load my resume. Only to have them send me some automated email saying they received my resume.

It seems as though I can no longer hide from the title of being adult. I mean aside from a marriage license, I don’t think anything could make it more clear than the college diploma that came in the mail last week.


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