Being a bridesmaid

July 21st, 2011

“Will you be my bridesmaid?” this is one of many phrases I have hoped to hear directed at me at some point in my life. And with a heavy mojito buzz last July, I was beyond ecstatic when my sister asked me that very question. I jumped up and down and answered with an easy “Of course!” My sister and I have hardly ever been friends as everyone suggests we should be. So I was taken back by the question. But I knew so much better than to say no…

A year later and it’s two days from my sisters wedding. I’m not going to lie, she looks stunning in her dress. My dress… well that’s a whole other matter. Luckily though, I’m not the biggest bridesmaid (score!) so I know I won’t look the worst… but I digress. I’ve been running around all day for the last five days helping my mother to cross items off her never ending list. And then on top of it all are my stupid bridesmaids duties. “Let’s get her a beach bag with fun goodies in it for the honeymoon!” One of the bridesmaids suggested. I rolled my eyes and said okay when I was asked to buy the stupid beach bag.

Lets do a little back story here. Like I said above. My sister and I have never really been close. Ever. Maybe when we were little. But not since then. So despite my excitement for all the showers and the bachelorette party and such. I was informed by the bridezilla herself that I would not be attending the bachelorette party, as my presence was not wanted. Not wanted my ass. Everyone wanted me there. Except her. So I didn’t go to the party, but I was pissed.

So when all of that happened I kind of took a step back from the dedication to my job as being a kick ass bridesmaid. So even though I’m running around in 100+ heat and sweating like balls, I know I’m helping my mother to be ready. And in the procoess of it all my sisters has the cajones to inform that I’m acting like a bitch (when I have done nothing of the sort).

So you know what dear sister. I’m getting drunk at the reception and making a speech anyway. Oh and I hear the groom is bringing his marine friends. Yeah for me.


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