Is this it?

August 11th, 2011

I just graduated college (okay it was actually in May), now what? That’s a sentence that has been going through my head constantly for the last few months. Granted. Half the time it was in the back of my head. But still. It was there. I was so burnt out on school that I was willing to take any out I could get, and thus. I have a BA in General Studies. What the hell do I do with that? I don’t know. I’m moving to Austin though. I’m going with no job. I don’t need it. I’ll find a job. It will all work out. I’m so freaking excited to be in a city with a scene that doesn’t revolve around a bar and getting wasted every night (nothing wrong with that… it is fun after all… sometimes).

Okay now that that’s all out. That’s how I feel 97% percent of the time. But then there’s the other 3%… ah yes. That small percent is the little girl inside of me freaking the fuck out wondering what I’m going to do next. Who the hell just moves somewhere without a job? Me. Apparently. What if I don’t find a job? What if it doesn’t work? What do I do? What should I do?

Please. Some one tell me this is not just me.

In all reality though, something will happen. It always does. Something will pop up out of no where… it always does. So as the title of this whole thing would suggest… It’s not time to worry yet. Now if only it were that easy.


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