Working on the knee jerk…

August 3rd, 2011

So now that the wedding is over. And baby sister is home from honeymoon things are going back to normal… well as normal as they can be when you’re in the middle of moving somewhere and starting all over again.  Just the same though, things are good. Big brother and his girlfriend are in town for my cousins wedding in Michigan this weekend. Yup. We get to drive all of us in one vehicle to Michigan from the good ol’ state of Missouri. All things considered though, that should be fun too.

So with big brother hung over today, we went to lunch at a small diner. I was friends with one of the guys who runs the place and happened to have a running tab there. So after paying a few dollars off of my tab, I ordered. And while I sipped on my soda this woman next to me said “mind if I ask you something? Are you Lee?” And I told her that I was. She went on about how she used to clean my mothers house and she hadn’t seen me since I was little. Considering I had no idea who this woman was I must have been rather young. But I pretended that I did remember her and we sat there chatting. She said “I saw that your younger sister got married recently” and I do what I always do. Smile, nod, and say something along the lines of “yes it was a beautiful ceremony”. Then she looked at me and said “Are you married” Now there are so many answers I could give to that very simple question. Yet my knee jerk responce was “Oh god no.” I realized how it sounded and then corrected myself with “sorry, I mean. No. Not married”. Then I went to pick up my soda and it went flying every where. Bluh!

This is not the first time I’ve had such questions thrown at me recently. It’s usually “Are you married yet?” or “You’re next!” Bite me. Since when is 22 the ideal age for marriage. Um. Yeah. No thanks. At least not for awhile.


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