I’ve been away…


I’ve been away from Austin for two weeks. Which is the longest I’ve been away since I’ve moved here. And I’m so glad to finally be back, but at the same time it feels weird. And usually I would settle back into my routine and let the weirdness pass. Honestly though, this time I’m trying to make the weird feeling stay. Because if things feel weird, it wont feel bad when I leave. With that said, I am shocked at just how fast I am able to pack. I mean really. I drove 13 hours last night, got back to my apartment and proceeded to pack a majority of my walk in closet. Thank god for large luggage that fits TONS of clothes.

I told my brother I was going to leave on Wednesday, but honestly I just want to get packed and get on as a fast as possible. If I stay, I might enjoy Austin, and miss it, and question me moving. I mean I always question whether or not I’m really moving for the right or wrong reasons. Not that it matters. I feel really good about this move, I’m just ready to get on with it. So I will back as much as humanly possible into my large suitcase, and then I shall go collect boxes to put my things in. And then I will pack my car. In a matter of days I will be a new girl in a new city.